Assault Survivor Kits®

Assault Survivors Kits® program provides personal kits for children and adult survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence whose clothing was destroyed by the perpetrator or retained by police for evidence. The Assault Survivor Kits include a new top, pants, underwear, socks/flip-flops, sports bra, bar of soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, shampoo, and a stuffed animal for children. Assistance League's members purchase items, assemble, and deliver the kits to trauma centers.

Since 1994, 16,435 kits delivered. In 2016-17 FY, 1,261 kits were delivered to 46 hospitals and trauma centers, hoping to assure them that someone cares.


Rochester High School Key Club donates to Assistance League


Assault Survivor Kits provide fresh clothing and personal items to women in trauma centers, trying to start the healing process.

Student members of the Rochester High School (RHS) Key Club donated $300 to the Assault Survivor Kits® program, provided by Assistance League® of Southeastern Michigan, to support survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Continue reading HERE

ASK Celebrates Another Successful Year


ASK Committee Meeting - May 25, 2016

The annual Assault Survivor Kits Committee meeting on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 welcomed 3 new members to our dedicated group of women. We celebrated distribution of 1,177 ASKits this fiscal year, and the addition of six new facilities in locations from here in Rochester, to Escanaba in the UP. Tremendous effort by our liaisons has brought comfort and dignity to victims of rape and domestic abuse throughout the state of Michigan.

In addition to reviewing the Assault Survivor Kits program procedures and responsibilities, our members cheerfully recognized the wonderful work of the Red Nose Charity who support children in need.

Assault Survivor Kits® Program Receives $2,500 Donation from The Women's Fund of Rochester


Pamela Bilodeau (L), from The Women's Fund, presents a $2,500 donation to Marjorie DiLiddo , representing Assistance League for Southeastern Michigan.

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Special 'THANK YOU' to Tiffany Piggeé-Taylor & Daughter Jaimyn for Their Generous Sponsorship!

Assault Survivor Panty Drive_pic_6-24-15

(L to R) ME Beauty owner Tiffany Piggeé-Taylor, Assistance League member Cindy Yearwood, Jaimyn Taylor, and Assistance League member Jan Csizmadia with donated underwear and kits.

Click HERE to find out more about the successful Panty Drive!

Volunteers Assembling Assault Survivor Kits of New Clothing & Toiletries

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